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What is the Boycott App ?

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Boycott is a critical reviews application. The user can express his critical opinion on a service / product / company / institution, on any entity or concept. In a nutshell, it helps you critique, easily.

On the other hand, the App gives you the possibility to stay informed. The application allows users to search for the Boycotts they are interested in through 3 primary search parameters: Location, Category & Popularity.

Boycott was launched to encourage Social Responsibility, Social Engagement, to Democratize the Internet, and to give back the power and voice to the people.
It is a well-structured app that keeps you informed about the good, the bad and the ugly of your country. The app's premise rests on the demand for more information on the choices we make as consumers of goods and services on a local or even global basis.

It simplifies the discovery process. Being based on user-generated content, the App lets you boycott any business or dodgy company. You can boycott only a part of a business’s activity (a particular product or service), or you can manifest your opposition regarding their entire business especially if their business practices are violating your principles.
So that the users join Boycott to contribute to a community-driven conversation on the junctions of race, interests, and problems in our city, country and why not - the world! The user gets his profile page (a dashboard) where he can find out all the information about his boycotts and campaigns. He also is given a special status by his activity and involvement.

Moreover, Boycott lets you share with your friends that you are boycotting something featuring a simple option for them to do the same. You can even chat with each other, or create ad-hoc groups.

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