Boycott is a critical reviews application, where the user can express their critical opinion on a service / product / company / institution, on any entity or concept. In a nutshell, it helps you make your voice heard.



Boycott was launched to encourage Social Responsibility, Social Engagement, to Democratize the Internet, and to give back the power and voice to the people.

It is a well-structured app that keeps you informed about the good, the bad and the ugly of your country. The app’s premise rests on the demand for more information on the choices we make as consumers of goods and services on a local or even global basis. It is our way of fighting disinformation, fake news, false propaganda, or big corporation’s actions that lay against society’s best interest. 

Boycott is much more than just an application for reviewing products and companies. We designed a platform that promotes and supports community-driven development by means of constructive criticism, discussion and common social action.

Ever felt the need to express your opinion on Amazon’s treatment of their employees? Were you ever unhappy about big corporation’s tax contributions? Did you ever think about Wal-Mart’s wages and how they affect the US economy? Are you against any local actions taken by your Governor? Have you ever asked yourself how to complain about the police? We offer you a platform to begin sharing, expressing your concerns, and become a catalyst for change. 


Boycott was designed to facilitate networking 

You get the chance to share your personal experience with a company, product or service and connect with people who can help you with ideas and suggestions. You can also create or join existing activist groups and take on the quest for the betterment of society together. The app allows you to organize in a virtual space and take actual, real-world actions.

Social Media has grown into a big monster and it is getting harder and harder to make yourself heard on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Being a social activist in a scattered environment is often counterproductive, and finding like-minded people is a hard goal to achieve. We want you to make a real difference and we want to make it easy for you.

By joining Boycott, you can also get access to real-world information about dodgy businesses, which allows you to make informed decisions as a consumer and to reclaim your consumer rights when they are infringed upon. 

Moreover, Boycott lets you share with your friends that you are boycotting something featuring a simple option for them to do the same. You can even chat with each other, or create ad-hoc groups.