Become an activist, with Boycott


If you believe in Democracy, Social Responsibility and Social Engagement and you want to defend and act upon these values, you can do it easily with Boycott. 

In the era of technology and consumerism, criticism is a new kind of social action. Boycott introduces a new way of rating entities, companies, organizations and products that allows people to criticize and decide what’s best for them and for their community or society in general.


It is about bringing the voice back to the people.

We don’t want you to stop at criticizing and complaining, we want you to be heard and we want to be change facilitators. We want to add the “action” part in social activism. By giving people a voice we try to bring to light the leaders of our societies, we want to emphasize that wrong actions don’t go unnoticed, and we want to use all the tools available to the modern society.

Boycott allows you to share your campaigns with friends and invite them to boycott with you. It also gives you the option to organize in groups with other users and fight together for a common cause. You can also join debate groups in order to find out what other people think and defend your position on any issue.


Being a social activist has never been easier!

If you don’t want to start campaigns, you can join Boycott just to stay up to date with important information about companies, institutions, services, products, other entities or even abstract concepts.

Meet and follow famous activists that can help you make informed decisions about the products and services you choose.