Boycott Manifesto

This public document, reflecting Boycott philosophy, will be used as moral guidelines now and in the future, in order to remain faithful to the original idea behind Boycott.

Boycott Constitution is composed of 3 inextricable parts:

  • FoundingPrinciples
  • Goals
  • ConcreteActions

Founding Principles

Boycott is a constructive critical reviews application, a True Democratic Agora. It was launched to encourage Social Responsibility, Social Action, Social Engagement and to Democratize the Internet, to simplify the discovery process for all consumers of better goods and services on a local or global scale.

In a nutshell, it helps you critique, easily, and establish an action plan with stage, strategies and an outcome goal.

Boycott app wants to provide a medium for positive change and creative energy.

It is a democratic, neutral in essence, universal and inclusive application, to provide a voice back to the people and have it heard in the right spheres of interest, for our society improvement and betterment.

We want to provide a mean for inspiration and voice and words spreading in our society, to show dedication and revolutionary movements, to support causes and social empowerment, for people of all races and social strata, for a real and authentic revolution in people minds.


Boycott main goals are:

  1. To improve people lives (by improving products and services, companies, procedures and the way of business, improving the environments, used technologies, governments and act of government, people’s minds, mindset and morals values).
  2. To provide social activists a centralized way for initiating and controlling campaigns, with action plan that can be easily translated to goals, stages, objective, success rate, outcomes.
  3. To provide companies, organizations, entities a centralized way for receiving critical feedback and reviews (necessary in order to achieve point 1) and to be in sync with provided action plans.
  4. To introduce a new way of rating entities, companies, organizations and products, based on what society thinks it is best for society. This new “social” and holistic rating will reflect how much entities are taking into consideration general wellness when doing their business.

Concrete Actions

We, as Boycott, commit to always defending our users’ interests above anything else. Being the public wellness our outmost goal, anything that jeopardize it would be against our principles.

This set of Actions defines our behavior in relation to concrete situations.

User Privacy and Data

We committed to completely avoid any form advertising on our platform and not to sell, use or own our users’ personal data. We chose this direction as a way of protesting against the indiscriminate use of our information from other social networks and because we care about our users, their privacy, their safety and the safety of their data.

Moderation and Censorship

Boycott App will not tolerate any form of violence and pornography on the platform. Any content that will resemble that will be removed as soon as possible and the users posting it will be sanctioned with a loss of Reputation.

The rest of the content will be moderated directly by the Boycott user community. We believe that, in order to achieve the maximum level of freedom of expression, we cannot superimpose ourselves and check what every user publishes. For this reason, the community, using the Reputation system, will decide what is to rewarded and what is to be ignored.

What will Boycott offer to its users?
  1. A discussion platform. Boycott is a place where everything can be debated as long as it is done respectfully. On Boycott everyone has the chance to express freely and new ideas, point of views and discussions are always welcome.
  2. An incubation platform. As in Boycott new ideas are welcome, all users are encouraged to express their opinion and to form groups with people having the same idea (incubation groups) or opposite ideas (debate groups). Groups are very important for us as they give the users a way to organize.
  3. An organization platform. Boycott is open and welcomes all existing real-world organizations. We want them to join Boycott, to expose their public agenda on the platform, to gather new followers or establish new alliances with other organizations, to set up action plans, phases, strategy and goals, to create events and measure success rate using sophisticated and useful metrics.
  4. A Social Action platform. Even though Boycott is a virtual space, its main goal is to have effect on the real-world. For this reason, we encourage our users to take Action and get heard in their everyday life. Let’s awaken our inner activist and fight for our principles.

Which fields are going to be considered?

Boycott Social Action Platform aims at giving voice to its users in any possible field that might lead to improve the life of the same users. For this reason, the following fields of action will be considered:

  • Social
  • Economical
  • Environmental
  • Political
  • Moral
  • Industrial
  • Technological
  • Religious
  • Cultural
  • Philosophical

You can also download the Boycott Manifesto from here