You can now transform media activism into real-world campaigns. Boycott allows you to share your ideas on any topic and spread your knowledge by creating events to support a cause. 

Attend events that you are interested in and that can make a change. Speak up your mind and criticize fairly any institution, company, product or other entities in order to improve them.

We don’t want you to stop at online bashing so we designed a “call-to-action” based system where any group of motivated people can meet up, organize events, and take real actions. If you don’t know how to make a complaint or feel like your voice alone will not matter, you can find various information on our platform or just take collective actions with other members of your online community. 

Meet up with fellow members of activist groups and plan for revolutionary changes in your community together. The app provides a centralized way for activists to see each other in real life and devise strategies that will translate into successful outcomes.